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“Spread love and live the healing process.

Jade Gouvêa


In love with ThetaHealing® since 2012.

  • Interpreter of Vianna Stibal to Portuguese.

  • More than 2,000 individual sessions.

  • Master & Certificate of Science instructor.

  • Teaches all ThetaHealing® courses.

Almost 7 years ago I began my journey in ThetaHealing® with the intention of disseminating this healing tool and the energy that we can create an abundant reality.

I am currently an interpreter of Vianna Stibal and assistant of the instructors’ courses.

I am also a certified instructor with the titles of Master and Certificate & Science, and teach all ThetaHealing® courses in Brazil and worldwide.

I offer face to face and online sessions. I also offer sessions in the Cura Theta project, a partnership with the Public Health Unit in Chapada Diamantina, where I have lived for 8 years.

I am the mother of Nala, a being full of light who came to bring more clarity and challenges to this journey, with teachings full of sweetness and infinite inspiration to work towards building a better world. 

As an interpreter of Vianna Stibal:

Since January 2018 I have been accompanying the Master, Vianna Stibal, all around the world, translating and interpreting ThetaHealing® techniques into Portuguese and giving assistance to classes. Feeling the master's love so closely and attending so many courses and training has refined me even more in my understanding of the technique. The overall vision of the transformation we experience in each course and the experience of completeness of all ThetaHealing® modules has brought me a deep experience as an instructor.