Thetahealing® technique



An energetic healing technique that teaches us to identify and change belief systems, feelings and patterns that often block our development, our relationships and the manifestation of our full potential.

Our belief systems build our reality. By reprogramming ourselves, we are able to immediately create a new reality for our lives.

Neuroscience, quantum physics, and many other theories already presented scientific evidence showing that negative beliefs and emotions can contribute to the development of physical, mental, psychic, and emotional diseases.

ThetaHealing teaches us to identify the belief systems that generate fears, illnesses, amongst other problems, which are present in the lives of all the human beings that inhabit this planet. Through this technique, we are able to remove the negative patterns of our lives, and thus live happier and healthier lives, evolving personally, professionally, and in all our relationships.

A chance to learn how to live life to the fullest of our potential.

ThetaHealing is a tool used in more than 40 countries and used by more than 500,000 people. The most relevant point for this tool is to serve you in your decision to change your own reality.

In Brazil, we are more than 5,000 people who have transformed their lives through ThetaHealing, and continue to multiply this technique so that more people can improve as well!

To learn more about ThetaHealing, and the creator of the technique, Vianna Stibal, please visit, or continue browsing this page to see how this has been transforming my life.

With Gratitude and Love.